Press Publications

Here you will find links to abstracts, publications, and other works I have authored or co-authored.

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Interpretive Summaries for Public Press Release

These are summaries that I wrote for American Society of Animal Science that were also published on EurekAlert, an online news source where reporters around the world republish articles to their respective media sources.

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Interpretive Summaries for American Society of Animal Science’s Taking Stock

These are brief summaries of noteworthy research featured in the Journal of Animal Science. For these pieces I conducted interviews of the primary investigators in person and over the phone in order to gain a broader scope of their work.

Press Releases for ASAS Award Winners

Here is a collection of press releases written about ASAS/CSAS/ADSA award winners. I had the opportunity to interview many of them over the phone, and in person at the Joint Annual ASAS/CSAS/ADSA meetings.

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