Hard questions

We have only met once for this class, and already we asked the hard questions of each other. To non-scientists, research problems, statistics, hypotheses and interpretations of data are considered “hard questions.” To scientists, “hard questions” relate to emotions, what you are feeling, admittance of failure or hardship.

Perhaps that is one of the core struggles of the scientist: sharing the answers to questions we consider difficult to answer. Many seek out science as a career because they like to solve logical problems that have black and white solutions. If they enjoyed talking about themselves, their feelings, their relationships, they would have chosen a different job.

A picture of this was painted in class this week. When asked who thought of themselves as introverts, nearly 90% of students raised their hands (myself included). What’s important is that we’ve identified our research problem, the need to better our science communication skills. Attending this class is a key step in solving that problem.

Luckily, this type of experiment doesn’t require IACUC approval.


1 thought on “Hard questions

  1. That’s a great way to express it–the “hard questions” are different depending on who you are and what your role is in the world. And you’re right–people may be in science because they prefer numbers to people, or interactions with computers over interactions with humans, or being out in the field for months at a time with only plants, animals, and breezes for company.


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