Welcome to my digital portfolio! I am a PhD student at Virginia Tech studying dairy cattle nutrition. I moved to Blacksburg, VA in August 2017 and am just beginning my studies. I have a strong interest in science communication and education in the field of animal science. As such, I have made it a priority for myself to write and speak to a variety of audiences about livestock production as well as the research I’m working on. Further, I seek to learn how to connect with the general public, college students, industry stakeholders, farmers, and fellow scientists about the importance of agricultural science.

My primary focus will be working with models in dairy cattle amino acid nutrition. A few key highlights of my project will be:

  • Survey dairy nutritionists across the country to assess their demographics, as well as their responses when asked to formulate diets using a set of theoretical production situations, feed ingredients, and milk prices.
  • Use these responses to develop educational extension materials to explain and emphasize the importance of formulating cow rations based on amino acid requirements.
  • Conduct a study to determine production responses, N efficiency, and other factors in cows are fed diets using the Dairy NRC model and a model developed in the Hanigan lab (called AAMilk).

Feel free to browse this site to learn more about my professional work, inner musings, and current projects. Thanks for visiting!

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